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Universal OBD2 Code Reader iOBD2 MINI Supports OBDII Standard Protocols Bluetooth
Auto Connection V4.0 For iOS/Android Original
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Universal OBD2 Code Reader iOBD2 MINI Supports OBDII Standard Protocols Bluetooth
Auto Connection V4.0 For iOS/Android Original

Supported OBDII Protocols:

1. ISO15765-4 (CAN)
2. ISO14230-4 (KWP2000)
3. ISO9141-2
4. J1850 VPW
5. J1850 PWM

Xtool iobd2 scanner support Both IOS and Android

Recommended APP: IOBD2 (search and download it from Apple store and Google Play Store)

Bluetooth Connection: Bluetooth 4.0

iOBD2 Mini OBD2 EOBD Scanner Function:


The Diagnostic functions:

Reads DTCs: Reads the current DTCs stored in the engine and shows their detailed information.
Clear DTCs: Clears the current DTCs.
Live Data: Reads the parameters related to the ECU.
Freeze Frame Data: ECU will set DTCs and record the data stream of the car engine at the moment when emissions related faults occurred. And the data is called freeze frame data.
Readiness Test: Shows the status of readiness test. Click Readiness test in the menu, the screen will display the test status of the car.
Support and Complete: It means the car supports this test and has completed.
Support But Incomplete: It means the car supports this test but has not completed.
Not supported: It means the car does not support this test.

2) My Dashboard
[My dashboard] functions

Idle Mode: show you the engine rotational speed, water temperature, battery voltage, Air-intake temperature, instant fuel consumption (static), average fuel consumption. Ever wished you had your own customizable gauges, showing only the data you were interested in (Picture 2)
Cruise mode: show you the vehicle speed, The current engine load, water temperature, Vehicle travel time, vehicle travel average speed, Continuous running mileage, instant fuel consumption(dynamic),Ever wished you had your own customizable gauges, showing only the data you were interested in.
Sport mode: show you the engine rotational speed, vehicle speed, water temperature.Ever wished you had your own customizable gauges, showing only the data you were interested in.(Picture 4)
Performance mode: show you the vehicle speed, capacity, torque, horsepower and you can also customize your gauges here

4) Performance Test

Performance Test Functions
Accelerate/Decelerate test: Test acceleration / deceleration process time and distance.
0 to 400m acceleration test: Test spending time from 0 to 400 meters.

5) Xtool IOBD2 Scanner Setting

It allows users to change the unit of temperature, mileage, vehicle speed, fuel, fuel consumption, torque and horsepower, set the alarm for over speed, fatigue driving and water temperature, and set parameters of vehicle weight, fuel consumption coefficient and vehicle speed coefficient according to their needs on [Customize My Dashboard]

6) History

Driving data such as trip distance, average speed, fuel consumption and acceleration time will be recorded.

Cautions & Warnings:

Please read following tips before you use iobd2:
Please plug the IOBD2 mini adapter correctly into your car by following the installation instructions before operating.
When driving the car, please do not operate this unit. Any distraction may cause an accident.
IOBD2 mini communicates with cars via Bluetooth. Please do not use this product in the places with strong electro-magnetic interference in order to ensure communication proper.

All information on this manual is based on the latest IOBD2 mini version. XTOOLTECH reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.
How to install iOBD2 Scanner app & adapter

1) iOBD2 app installation
Installation of IOS version
--Install by smartphone
Open the App store, search iOBD2, download the app and install.
--Install by iTunes
Download and install iTunes. Then search iOBD2 on iTunes, download the app and install.
Installation of Android version
--Install by website
Open iOBD2 official website en.iobd2, download iOBD2 to the phone and install.
--Install by Google play store
Download Google play store. Search iOBD2 on Google play, download the app and install.
When installing the app, please do not delete data or format memory card, otherwise it may lead to app installation failed. When the install finished, click “open” to run the app (before running the app, please set Bluetooth connection, otherwise it cannot read the data); click “complete” to exit. The shortcut of iOBD2 will appear on the main screen when the app installed successfully. Click to open iOBD2 and the screen will show as follows.

2) iOBD2 Adapter connection
Plug the iOBD2 adapter into the OBD II port on the car; turn the ignition on without starting
the engine. The OBD II port is usually under the dashboard, but it may be different on different car models.

Trip Route
This function can track your driving route.
For iOS devices, select Setting on the phone, choose Privacy, Open the Location Services, and turn on iOBD2 interface. Run the iOBD2 app, choose “My dashboard”, and start driving the car, it will automatically track the driving route and save it on History menu. When exiting “My dashboard”, it will stop tracking the driving route. You can review the saved tracking route in History menu.

For Android devices, the trip route tracking is open by default. You can check the recorded trip route in the History menu. To open or close the trip route tracking function, you can click the Setting button and find the Track option.

How to update diagnostic software
Users can find out the latest software release information, download and install software by logging in to App store.
More information, please visit iOBD2 official site
IOBD2 Mini OBD2 EOBD Scanner Specifications:

Flash: 2MB
Working Voltage: 9~12 V
Electric Current: < 30 mA
Sleep-mode Electric Current: < 3 mA
Working Humidity: < 60 %
Storage Humidity: < 80 %
Dimension: 48 * 42 * 25 (mm)
Net Weight: < 50 g

Package List:

1pc x IOBD2 Mini
1pc x User's manual

Note: Free delivery Australia wide, free shipping to Sydney Canberra Newcastle Adelaide Melbourne Victoria Brisbane Queensland Tasmania Perth Darwin Australia.

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